Taxonomy amd Species Abbreviations

Scientific and common names of sengis (1 family, 2 subfamilies, and 20 species), including species abbreviation in parentheses (for distribution table), IUCN Red List conservation status in brackets (EN=endangered, VU=vulnerable, NT=near threatened, LC=least concern, and DD=data deficient). Older individual distribution maps can be seen by clicking on a matrix cell corresponding to species and data set date. For key to map symbols (data sources), click HERE [100 KB PDF].  Maps (2009 version) were compiled by Galen Rathbun (California Academy of Sciences) and Arpad Nyari (University of Kansas, Natural History Museum) based on a 3 March 2009 data set with 2348 records, compared to the 2008 maps based on a 2008 data set that included 1241 records. The 2008 maps were the basis for the distribution maps found in Mammals of Africa book (2013), whereas the IUCN maps are based on the 2009 data set. The current (2012 data set) contains 2366 records.

Order: Macroscelidea Sengis or Elephant-shrews 2008 maps 2009 maps 2012 IUCN maps
Family: Macroscelididae
Subfamily: Rhynchocyoninae
Giant sengis      
Genus: Rhynchocyon
Species: Rhynchocyon chrysopygus (chy) [EN]
Golden-rumped sengi R. chrysopygus chr Map
Species: Rhynchocyon cirnei (cir) [LC]
Chequered sengi R. cirnei cir Map
Species: Rhynchocyon petersi (pet) [LC]
Black-and-rufous sengi or Zanj sengi R. petersi pet Map
Species: Rhynchocyon stuhlmanni (stu) [pending]
White-tailed sengi      
Species: Rhynchocyon udzungwensis (udz) [VU]
Gray-faced sengi R. udzungwensis udz Map
Subfamily: Macroscelidinae
Soft-furred sengis      
Genus: Petrodromus
Species: Petrodromus tetradactylus (tet) [LC]
Four-toed sengi P. tetradactylus tet Map
Genus: Petrosaltator
Species: Petrosaltator rozeti (roz) [LC]
North African sengi P. rozeti roz Map
Genus: Macroscelides
Round-eared sengis      
Species: Macroscelides flavicaudatus (flav) [LC]
Namib round-eared sengi   flav Map
Species: Macroscelides proboscideus (prob) [LC]
Karoo round-eared sengi M. proboscideus prob Map
Species: Macroscelides micus (micus) [LC]
Etendeka round-eared sengi     Map
Genus: Elephantulus
Long-eared sengis      
Species: Elephantulus brachyrhynchus (brach) [LC]
Short-snouted sengi E. brachyrhynchus brach Map
Species: Elephantulus edwardii (edw) [LC]
Cape rock sengi E. edwardii edw Map
Species: Elephantulus fuscipes (fuscip) [DD]
Dusky-footed sengi E. fuscipes fuscip Map
Species: Elephantulus fuscus (fuscus) [DD]
Dusky sengi E. fuscus fuscus Map
Species: Elephantulus intufi (int) [LC]
Bushveld sengi E. intufi int Map
Species: Elephantulus myurus (myur) [LC]
Eastern Rock sengi E. myurus myur Map
Species: Elephantulus pilicaudus (pil) [DD]
Karoo rock sengi E. pilicaudus pil Map
Species: Elephantulus revoilii (rev) [DD]
Somali sengi E. revoilii rev Map
Species: Elephantulus rufescens (ruf) [LC]
Rufous sengi E. rufescens ruf Map
Species: Elephantulus rupestris (rup) [LC]
Western rock sengi E. rupestris rup Map